We're a globally-distributed, web-focused software development agency.

What we're about

We provide our clients with world-class software development services at affordable prices.
We craft online experiences designed to supercharge your business's presence on the web, and we pride ourselves on producing high-quality work and clean, maintainable code.

The DUNIACODE Advantage

World Class Talent

Globally distributed team

We're a remote-first company with talent located all across the globe.
Due to our unique company structure, we're able to offer world class web development expertise at very affordable rates.

We're serious about quality

Beautifully written code

We write code that not only works, but is maintainable and clean.
We firmly believe in writing quality code, built to standards and quality-controlled

We get things done

Truly Multi-Talented

From web design to copywriting to sourcing images and SEO, our team of experts is ready to accommodate your every online need

we're with you every step of the way

We understand that coming up with a strategy for the web can be difficult - that's why our team of experts will be with you every step of the way - starting with a free initial consultation call, no commitment required.

Initial Consultation call

We'll work through your unique needs as a client on an initial consultation call, no commitment necessary

Experience Wireframing

To help you conceptualize what your new web presence will look like, we will create experience wireframes and walk you through your customer journey

Asset Assistance

Need creative assets to help showcase your business? We can help you source high-quality images and videos for your site or Facebook page

Infrastructure Setup

We will work with you to indentify the appropriate server and hosting resources for your needs, just leave the setup to us.

Website Maintenance & support

Already have a website but need help updating content or diagnosing problems? Let us be your helping hand.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to help you build a world class online presence, and we strive to give you the best customer experience possible.

What Clients Say About Us

DuniaCode has shown exemplary performance time and time again. We worked very closely together with DuniaCode to create SickBubble - DuniaCode provided us with CTO and technical support, they performed at the top of their game, stayed up to date with current trends and are truly passionate professionals in the industry. They consistently provided us with top tier innovations through well backed research. It was truly a pleasure to work with DuniaCode.

Roman Sukharenko CEO of SickBubble

What we've worked with before





Responsive Layouts

We make all our designs responsive so that your website will look great on any screen size.

SEO optimization

Our SEO experts can assist you with building an optimization strategy to suit your needs and business objectives.

Scaleable Web application development

We have expertise building and scaling Ruby on Rails applications across many different business verticals and industries.

Startup Consulting and team augmentation

Have a startup and need technology consulting or team augmentation? We can help you hit the ground running.

Project Management

Have a project that needs management expertise? We are huge proponents of Agile development and project management principles and have experience working with remote teams across timezones.

Cloud Infrastructure setup

We have experience with provisioning and deploying apps to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Some of our Work

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